Custom made

YOUR long as YOU wish


Custom made longboards

We craft and customize longboards that suit your needs. You get to choose the type, the wood, the size, the design, the amount of flex, the shape of the tail, etc. In other words, a hand-built board that we´ll satisfy your needs, and we’ll make sure of that no matter what.

longboards a medida

Everything has a beginning and an end… so your longboard

Choose the tail and the nose you prefer, we will round it off as you prefer


Variety in life is beautiful; we find tall and short people, fat and thin, heavy or light… that is why we believe that not everybody should have the same longboard.

Choose the length or size of your longboard that fits you perfectly:

el tamaño que prefieras
Longboard Flex



Choose the amount of flex!

The flex of your long can be crucial too; we have manufactured longboards that can take a huge amount of weight, so don’t hesitate to ask for a certain any degree of flexibility.


We personalize your board with natural silica from the beach you prefer


Is there a beach or a dessert that really means a lot to you?

If you take a Little amount of sand from that place and you give it to us, we can apply it on the deck of your board as a grip.

We will filter the sand in order to get a proper grain size and get it ready to use in your board so you can always take with you that special place.

Silice natural

Drop us an e-mail!

We do not manufacture standard longboards and we do not provide a regular stock of products, everything we do is right from scratch based on your specific requests. That’s why we would like you to contact us which ever way you prefer. Here we have a simple form just to make things easier for you to contact us..

Feel free to call or write whenever you want